Precision dermatology powered by microbial and genetic engineering

Developing novel therapeutics to treat adverse skin conditions and disease


Azitra is a clinical-stage precision dermatology company that leverages its extensive knowledge of genetic engineering, proteomics, and the skin microbiome to create and develop novel products for the treatment of skin diseases.

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Azitra is leveraging microbial and protein engineering to solve the challenges of skin diseases through three strategies:

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Product pipeline

Azitra’s product pipeline includes two live biotherapeutic product candidates and one protein candidate for precision dermatology. The Company anticipates beginning a first-in-human trial of its engineered microbe, ATR-12, for Netherton syndrome in 2023. The current pipeline consists of:

ATR-12: LEKTI-secreting auxotrophic S. epidermidis for Netherton syndrome
ATR-04: Auxotrophic S. epidermidis for EGFR inhibitor-associated rash
ATR-01: Filaggrin protein for ichthyosis vulgaris

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