The microbiome, comprised of trillions of bacteria, plays a critical role in human health, and Azitra’s goal is to capture its potential for the treatment of skin disease.

To meet that goal, we have developed a core technology based on the application of safe, commensal skin bacteria to correct the microbial balance and also deliver therapeutic proteins directly to the target.

Many skin diseases result from the combination of injury or damage to the skin barrier combined with dysbiosis or changes in the microbiome that provoke inflammation and infection. Injury to the skin barrier can come from environmental exposure (sun, chemical exposure etc.) and also deficiencies in critical skin proteins like filaggrin. Azitra is focused on utilizing safe bacteria–normally present on healthy skin to correct the barrier, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection.

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The microbiome is a dynamic, ever-present mix of microbes living on our skin and we interact with those organisms constantly, whether they are beneficial or can cause inflammatory disease.

skin disease

Skin Disease

Skin disease results when the barrier is weakened and we are challenged by dybiosis -an imbalance in the microbiome. Inflammation and infection result and even if controlled, frequently reoccurs.



Azitra targets the cause of skin disease by restoring the microbiome and utilizing it to deliver therapeutic proteins to the target. The result is healthy skin and a healthy microbiome.