We have created a platform for treating skin disease. Our platform uses a common, safe strain of the skin microbiome, S. epidermidis, to modify the skin microbiome and deliver therapeutic protein to the target. The platform is highly modular, and we can readily modify S. epidermidis to secrete an array of therapeutically relevant proteins necessary in the treatment of multiple skin diseases.



Azitra's strategy is based upon a unique combination of commensal skin bacteria normally present on healthy skin and engineered to express therapeutic proteins. This dual strategy can provide sustained repair of damaged or weakened skin and can correct the microbiome. Through the combined effects of skin repair and reducing exposure to the wrong type of bacteria we can deliver effective therapy.


At Azitra, we are committed to safety. By selecting natural and healthy bacterial species normally present on the skin, and designing in additional layers of safety, we work to deliver effective and safe treatments for patients.