Our skin microbiome plays a crucial role in human health


The human skin serves as a barrier to the outside world and is also rich in microorganisms. These microorganisms, collectively known as the “skin microbiome,” play a crucial role in maintaining human health and skin appearance.

The microbiome is made up of many different types of microbes. It is a diverse community of bacteria, fungi, mites and viruses that, when in homeostasis, provides protection against disease, aids in skin health and repair and keeps the skin looking smooth and moist.

Skin diseases or changes in underlying skin biology can arise from different causes. Many skin diseases are associated with disruptions in the skin microbiome (known as “dysbiosis”). Skin disease may also be caused by damage to the skin, or in other cases by missing or excess amounts of key proteins. These problems can then be made worse by dysbiosis and—in many cases—by a strong inflammatory response to the changes in the microbiome. The dual impact of injury combined with dysbiosis can lead to ongoing skin disease. Azitra believes the solution is to address both.

Azitra is developing products that target both skin biochemistry and dysbiosis to help improve skin appearance and treat dermatological diseases.